For the past eight years, Netzer has been growing as a community of church leaders who are looking and praying for resurgence in the kingdom of God in churches and people across southeastern Pennsylvania. Our desire is to so elevate and esteem the beauty of Christ that His supremacy and glory in all things becomes the chief concern of people in our region. 

At the core of Netzer is the concept of new life springing up from old roots. We believe God is birthing and growing new things, and He is calling His people to be a part of His continuing new work, honoring the heritage and enjoy we enjoy as a people of faith in Jesus.

Netzer is not a hierarchy or a revamped concept of denominationalism. It is primarily a network of relationships rooted in prayer, conversation and service, desiring to see “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” The Netzer team offers specifically customized services to leaders, churches and ministries desiring connection, support and oftentimes help moving forward or in overcoming an obstacle.

At the spiritual core, Netzer is a prayer, a calling, and a challenge to leaders, churches and ministries to pursue together the work of God in this new season He is birthing. We invite you to join us in the move of God in this season, pursuing His heart together to build a solid foundation that will bless the generations coming after us.